Congressman Lamar Smith

Representing the 21st District of Texas
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If we want economic growth, we must anticipate increased traffic. Proper planning, maintenance of existing roads and construction of new roads will help reduce travel times and increase public safety.
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Social Security

Since 1935, Social Security has provided retirement security for Americans. It’s important that today’s seniors receive the benefits they have earned and that solutions are sought to strengthen the Social Security system for future generations.
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Science and Technology

Technology is the key that will unlock a brighter future for us all. As a Member of the House Committee on Science and Technology, I am committed to ensuring that innovation continues to expand and enrich our lives without harming our privacy or security.
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Energy and Gas Prices

I believe that our nation's energy plan should strengthen our economy, lower consumer prices, reduce our dependency on foreign oil-producing nations, and protect the environment. Our economy and way of life demands an energy policy that not only meets today’s needs but prepares us for future needs.
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It is important to provide our nation's students with an opportunity to receive a quality education. There are few things more valuable to an individual than a good education and few things more valuable to a community than educated residents. And, I know that a generous financial aid system is essential to providing access to higher education for students.
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Economy and Jobs

Much of our economic crisis today is rooted in misguided policies of the past. Permitting home mortgages with nothing down was a disaster waiting to happen when home prices fell. Unfortunately, all the bad mortgages and the resulting credit crisis have dragged down our economy and threatened the financial well-being of all Americans.
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Like many Americans, I am concerned about the environment. The Earth has undergone tremendous change in the past and is experiencing similar change now. Climate change has the potential to impact agriculture, ecosystems, sea levels, weather patterns, and human health.
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Health Care

Skyrocketing costs have crept into our health care system, creating a lot of uncertainty about the future of health care for employers, working Americans, and the uninsured. Americans need more, not fewer, choices for something as important and personal as health care.
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Congressman Smith was selected by his colleagues to serve as the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, where he helps shape legislation on such subjects as terrorism, crime, immigration, bankruptcy, civil liberties, constitutional amendments, and patents and copyrights.
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Job Creation

We know what will help create jobs in this country –lifting the burden of regulations that is strangling small businesses.
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Homeland Security

As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, I have worked to ensure our national security and make sure our borders and ports of entry are secure. I believe we must continue to enact legislation that protects our nation. For more information on the House Homeland Security Committee, please visit
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In the past four years, the gross national debt ballooned from $8.67 trillion to $15.2 trillion. Debt of this level will stifle our economic growth. The solution for reviving our economy is straightforward: cut job-destroying government spending to allow employers to create jobs.

Veterans Issues

Recent events have brought to light a great need for improvement in many areas that affect veterans and their families, including conditions in VA hospitals, mental health care programs and changes in heath care and benefits.