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Representing the 21st District of Texas
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Social Security

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Since 1935, Social Security has provided retirement security for Americans. It’s important that today’s seniors receive the benefits they have earned and that solutions are sought to strengthen the Social Security system for future generations.

Social Security must be protected. Its Board of Trustees projects that its trust funds will be depleted in about twenty years. This is expected to occur because of rising costs associated with Social Security and the impending retirement of the baby-boom generation. I firmly believe that the federal government must take an active role to secure Social Security’s future.

Seniors may rest assured that their benefits are safe and secure. Seniors should know that they will continue to receive the benefits promised to them.

Additionally, I do not think that seniors should be taxed on their earned Social Security benefits. That is why I have cosponsored legislation to repeal the 1993 income tax increase on Social Security benefits.

Texas Teachers and Social Security

Information and resources for understanding Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provisions of Social Security.

The Social Security GPO affects more than 5 million Americans. These employees are part of the thousands of state, local and federal government pension plans that operate outside of Social Security. Before a change in the law in 2004, an employee could avoid the GPO if they worked their last day in a position covered by Social Security. After that change, an employee now must work their last 60 calendar months in a position covered by Social Security to avoid the offset.

I have cosponsored legislation which amends the Social Security Act to repeal the current WEP. WEP reduces the Social Security benefits of workers who also have pension benefits from employment not covered by Social Security. The legislation I supported establishes a new formula for the treatment of non-covered earnings in determining Social Security benefits and applies the new formula to individuals subject to the current WEP if the benefits under the new formula would be higher.

The following links provide information and explanations for those affected by the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provisions of Social Security.



More on Social Security

May 26, 2011

Congressman Lamar Smith today received the Guardian of Seniors Rights Award from the non-partisan 60 Plus Association.  60 Plus presented the award to Smith for voting to protect Medicare and Social Security for current retirees and future seniors.

Jan 25, 2011

Congressman Lamar Smith issued this statement today after President Obamas State of the Union speech. 

I hope that President Obamas address tonight represents a real commitment to change the direction of his Administrations policies, not simply a change in his rhetoric.   The President campaigned as a moderate, spent the last two years pursuing policies far left of most of the country, and is now trying to once again come back to the center.