Congressman Lamar Smith

Representing the 21st District of Texas
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It’s the Media’s Choice

Speech delivered by Chairman Lamar Smith on the House floor on February 14, 2017

The liberal national media have two choices.

First, they can continue their dislike – some would call it hatred – of President Trump that results in severely slanted coverage.  This is the road to self-destruction.  The media’s credibility has hit a record low and the American people soon will stop looking to them for news.

Or, second, the liberal national media can start covering President Trump objectively.  This means not portraying his actions in the worst possible light but sometimes giving President Trump the benefit of the doubt.  It means giving his side of the story.  It means, most of all, recognizing that President Trump represents the legitimate hopes and fears of millions of Americans.

If the liberal national media continue to treat President Trump unlike they would a Democrat, the public will grow tired of the double-standard.

The American people have an innate sense of fairness, which the media should not ignore.  For their own sake, and for the sake of our democracy, the media should change their ways.