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Media Fairness Caucus

Like many Americans, I have become increasingly concerned about unfair reporting by the national news media. The purpose of the Media Fairness Caucus (MFC) is not to censor or condemn, but to encourage the media to adhere to the highest standards of reporting and provide the American people with the facts, balanced stories and fair coverage of the news.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The only security of all is in a free press.” The Media Fairness Caucus (MFC) will strongly support a free press and not condone any form of censorship. Instead, we will examine the causes of one-sided reporting, develop strategies to combat media bias, promote an open dialogue between members of the media and elected officials, and remind the media of their profound obligation to provide the American people with the facts. We will avoid personal attacks or gratuitous criticism of media representatives.

About the Media Fairness Caucus

Goals of the MFC center on stressing the need for objective and fair reporting. We will focus on finding better ways for elected officials and the media to communicate openly in order to encourage fairness and balance in reporting. In addition, we will point out biased coverage in a fair and reasonable way. 

To find out more about media fairness, please visit the Media Research Center’s website or Accuracy in Media's website. Also, please feel free to visit the website of the Co-Chairs, Rep. Alex Mooney and Rep. Kevin Cramer.

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For more information or to get involved with the Media Fairness Caucus, please contact Jenny Crone on my staff at 202-225-4236 or 

Recently from the Media Fairness Caucus

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Speech: TV Doesn't Represent Most Americans

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Speech: The Media Want Trump to Fail

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Speech: A Message for the Media

Speech: Roll Call Fakes the News

Press Release: Media Fairness Caucus Writes to TV Execs Calling Out Lack of Uranium One Scandal Coverage

PDF icon11.7.17_Uranium One Letter_Media Fairness Caucus.pdf

PDF icon11.1.17 MFC Newsletter.pdf

Speech: Voters Believe Media Fabricates News

Speech: Media Ignore Donation to Anti-Cop Group

Speech: Gun Control Doesn’t Work

Speech: Polls Have Built in Bias

Speech: President Takes New Direction

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Speech: Media Blackout

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Speech: The National Media Has Lost Our Trust

Speech: Poll Misrepresents the Electorate

Speech: Two thirds of Americans Say Media Has a Negative Impact

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Speech: If Trump Jr. Were a Democrat

Speech: Majority of Americans Don't Trust the Media

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Speech: Media Should Stop Attacks

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Speech: Media Target Trump

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Speech: Are We Losing Our Democracy?

Speech: Poll Shows Media is Not Mainstream

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Speech: Media Bias Sets Record

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Speech: Public Tired of Biased Media

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Speech: Trump's Executive Orders Popular

Speech: Why the Media Attack Trump

Speech: Voters Trust Trump, Not Media

Speech: It's the Media's Choice

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Speech: Trump's Immigration Policies Popular

Speech: If Trump Were a Democrat

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Speech: Fake News Includes Climate Change

Speech: Media Shouldn't Decide What's Fake

Speech: Media Could Play Positive Role

Speech: Mediacrats

Speech: Media Should Report the Facts Not Opinions

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Speech: Poll: Media Bias Threatens Democracy

Speech: Media Ignore Illegal Immigration

Speech: Poll: Americans Note Liberal Media Bias

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Speech: Don't Believe the Media

Speech: Trust in the Media Falls to Historic Low

Speech: Examples of Media Bias are Numerous

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Speech: The Media Show Their Bias

Speech: Media Downplays Ransom Payment to Iran

Speech: Poll: Americans Believe the Media is Biased

PDF icon9.07.16 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon07.05.2016 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon06.14.16 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Speech: Networks Ignore Court Blow to Obamacare

Speech: Media Ignore Release of Criminal Immigrants [Text]

Speech: Facebook Should Share Conservative News [Text]

PDF icon5.11.16 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Speech: Only Six Percent of Americans Trust the Media

PDF icon4.19.16 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Speech: Poll: Media Have Too Much Power

Speech: Media Silent on Lack of Global Warming

Speech: The Inconvenient Facts the Media Ignore About Climate Change

Speech: Rep. Lamar Smith: If We Secure Our Border, We Will Secure Our Future

PDF icon2.9.16 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Speech: Two Words Republicans Should Drop From Their Vocabulary

PDF icon1.12.16 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon12.16.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Speech: 65% Americans Say Media has ‘Negative Effect’ on Country

PDF icon12.01.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

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PDF icon10.21.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon09.29.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon09.09.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Speech: Americand Believe the Media is Intentionally Bias

PDF icon07.22.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon07.08.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Speech: National Media Losing Americans' Trust

PDF icon06.16.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon06.02.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon05.13.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

Congressman Smith recieves Accuracy in Media's Reed Irvine Award for Accountability in Journalism

PDF icon04.22.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon03.24.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon03.03.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon02.11.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon01.21.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf

PDF icon01.07.15 MFC Newsletter FINAL.pdf