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ICYMI - Rep. Smith: “Was Surveillance of Trump Illegal?”

Apr 5, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON – In a speech on the House floor Tuesday evening, Rep. Lamar Smith (TX-21) spoke about the legality of surveillance of candidate and then President-elect Trump. See link to speech video and text as delivered below.

Was Surveillance of Trump Illegal?

Criminal laws may well have been broken when the Obama administration conducted surveillance of candidate and then President-elect Trump and those close to him, including his family members.

It is reported that a former national security advisor under President Obama ordered the names of Trump associates be revealed rather than kept confidential, as would normally be the case with any American citizen.

This exposing and disseminating personal information may well have been a criminal act.

A serious question is, “Who authorized the surveillance in the first place?”

To direct intelligence or law enforcement agencies to conduct surveillance of political opponents is a violation of the Constitution and a threat to our democracy.

But the Obama administration wrongfully asked the IRS to target conservative organizations, so anything is possible.

One thing is for sure – the American people need to learn a lot more about what the Obama administration did, and who did it.