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Smith Leads Border Security Tour

Feb 5, 2016
Press Release

McAllen, Texas –Representative Lamar Smith (R-Texas) today led members of the Congressional Border Security Caucus on a tour of Rio Grande Valley sector of the U.S.- Mexico border. Members released the following statements:

Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Texas): “A country that has lost control of its border has lost control of its future. Despite the story the Obama administration is telling, illegal border crossings remain abnormally high. The Department of Homeland Security’s latest numbers show an increase of 30 percent over the last year’s crossings.

“Today we had the opportunity to see firsthand the challenges our border patrol agents and Texas Department of Public Safety officers face as they deal with the continuing surge of illegal immigrants on our Southern border. Their jobs have been made harder by this administration’s policies that have undermined our immigration laws and continue to encourage illegal immigrants.

“My colleagues and I with the Congressional Border Security Caucus have taken a strong stand- along with 26 states led by Texas – against the president’s executive amnesty orders. This year, the Supreme Court will hear that case. We will continue to stand with the American people. We will continue working to stop the surge of illegal immigrants.”

Congressman Diane Black (R-Tennessee): “We’ve known all along that our border was not secure and that the Obama Administration’s immigration policies were failing to uphold the rule of law. Now, I have seen the impact of that with my own eyes. Tennessee may not be a border state, but President Obama’s unwillingness to combat the crisis of illegal immigration is felt throughout the country, including in states like my own. This site visit with my Border Security Caucus colleagues has reaffirmed my belief that any future immigration reform must take place in a step-by-step process beginning with true enforcement of our existing laws and, at long last, real border security.” 

Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas): “The flood of illegal immigrants on the Southern border has proven to be a mounting American crisis, greatly impacting Texas families. As Texans know all too well, the haphazard opening of our borders has caused total chaos with the influx of unaccompanied minors and strained our local communities in a truly troubling way. Today’s visit to the border has only reaffirmed my commitment to protecting and strengthening our borders, prioritizing the safety of American citizens above all. I join my fellow Republicans in calling on President Obama to halt his careless immigration policy before we reach a dangerous point of which we cannot return.”

Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-Texas): “We must take the situation at the border very seriously and the current administration is not doing that. To be here and see firsthand, to talk to the agents face-to-face, it is clear the administration is not giving agents the tools they need to do their job effectively and safely.  The Justice department isn't prosecuting people they should be prosecuting. Border security should be a top priority for this president, but is not. The president is not allowing our Border Patrol agents to do their job and that is putting every American at risk. ” 

Congressman Sam Johnson (R-Texas): "While this certainly wasn't my first trip to Texas' southern border, the new surge of illegal aliens over the past few months is why I made this trip today. It's no secret that Obama's lawless executive amnesty is having devastating impacts not only on Texas border cities but across the country.  That's why I've been hard at work to stop illegal immigration and Obama’s amnesty. As part of that effort I've introduced several pieces of legislation such as my bill - the No Amnesty Tax Refunds for Illegals Act - that was just signed into law.  I and my fellow Border Caucus colleagues most sacred duty is to protect our homeland and every citizen in it.  I spent 29 years as a fighter pilot and seven as a POW doing just that.  And the House Border Caucus will continue to fight to keep America safe."