Congressman Lamar Smith

Representing the 21st District of Texas
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Media Should Stop Attacks

Speech delivered by Chairman Lamar Smith on the House floor on June 15, 2017

We must speak truth to the powerful liberal media. The invective, spite and venom they hurl daily at the President contributes to an environment of hatred and violence.

The media’s constant barrage of personal attacks can incite someone to take irrational actions.

The shooter at the Virginia ballpark yesterday wounded five people. His Facebook page once read, “It’s Time To Destroy Trump & Co.” That’s not much different from the tone of many media articles.

A study last month found that the President had received a higher percentage of negative coverage than any recent president. And a public opinion poll showed the media’s credibility at a record low.

The American people deserve better than a biased media. For the sake of our country, let’s hope they will drop their abusive language.