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Media Target Trump

Delivered May 24, 2016

From a recent Investors Business Daily editorial, a Harvard University study “found that, during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, TV networks CNN, NBC, and CBS provided negative coverage 93%, 93%, and 91% of the time. Meanwhile, The New York Times delivered 87% negative coverage, while the Washington Post (83%) and the Wall Street Journal (70%) were only a bit less negative…

“Trump’s overall score of 80% negative coverage at the start of his presidency compares with Obama’s 41%, Bush’s 57%, and Bill Clinton’s 60%...

“Both the Post and the Times have used unnamed sources and even the supposed content of documents that they’ve never viewed as the basis for major revelations about Trump in recent days. They’ve let their raw hatred get the better of them.

“Such a media environment is dangerous for American democracy…

“Expecting basic professionalism from the media, sadly, seems to be too much.”