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Representing the 21st District of Texas
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We need a new word for the dictionary, a new term for the merger of the liberal media and the Democratic Party.

Obviously, the liberal media have no intention of treating President-Elect Trump objectively or fairly. They want to continue to link arms with the Democrats. This is no surprise given that 96% of national reporters’ contributions went to Hillary Clinton.

As chairman of the Media Fairness Caucus, here’s my proposal. Let’s combine the two words “media” and “Democrat” and go with “mediacrat.” It’s short; it gives the media first mention; and it sounds like a new species.

Now I realize the liberal media is not likely to use this word “mediacrat” very often. But there are two reasons for them to do so. First, to show they have a sense of humor. And second, to show they have a sense of humility.

I think most Americans would be happy if the liberal media didn’t display their bias every time they covered the President-elect. Maybe the mediacrats should try balanced reporting. It surely would help their credibility.