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Trump’s Immigration Policies Popular

For days the media have saturated the news with stories savaging President Trump for his immigration executive orders.

The President wants to protect Americans by temporarily halting the admission of refugees from seven countries considered security threats to the United States.

Despite the media’s heavily biased coverage, the American people still agree with the president. A USA Today poll found that 53% support “registering immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.” Only 41% oppose it.

Even the poll was slanted against the president. The question asked implied that all Muslim-majority countries were affected, which is not true. It also used the word “register,” which has negative connotations and besides is not accurate. A more factual question that inquired about stricter vetting of refugees from the seven countries that pose security risks likely would have garnered even more support for the president’s executive actions.

The media did everything they could to turn the public against the president. But it didn’t work. The American people are smarter than the media thinks.